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Tiger Woods turns caddie for son Charlie, 14, helps him earn spot in Notah Begay III National Championship

'We just stay in our own little world. We take it one shot at a time,' Charlie said while referring to Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods (C) and his son Charlie (L) seen during the tournament (Instagram/ @mshanecroft)
Tiger Woods (C) and his son Charlie (L) seen during the tournament (Instagram/ @mshanecroft)

HOWEY-IN-THE-HILLS, FLORIDA: Tiger Woods’ teenage son Charlie Axel Woods is making his father proud as he secured a spot in the Notah Begay III National Championship, which will take place in November.

On Sunday, September 24, the golf legend was not only present for his son but also caddied for him, People reported.

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What did Charlie Axel Woods say about Tiger Woods?

Following his win in the second round of the 14-15 age division in the Last Chance Regional, the 14-year-old called the support of his father “great.”

He, however, also mentioned, “We just stay in our own little world. We take it one shot at a time.”

The teenager added, “I’ll talk about the next tee shot and he’s like, ‘No. This is the shot we’re going to focus on. Focus up. This is what we’re gonna do.’”


‘Four hours one-on-one with Charlie and Tiger was just unreal’

Shane Croft, whose son Chase also played on Sunday, shared on Instagram, “Ok, EPIC would in no way be a big enough word to describe today. Chase was paired with Tiger Woods’ son Charlie at the Notah Begay tournament at Mission Inn.”

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A post shared by Shane Croft (@mshanecroft)


He continued, “Tiger and I were the boys’ caddies. Honestly, there is no way to express what this was like."

“Four hours one on one with Charlie and Tiger was just unreal. Can’t even thank Ryan Burr enough for orchestrating this entire day.”

“His tournament is so professionally run. Just next level junior golf. Anyway, this will be a story my family talks about on my deathbed one day. And it will be a proud moment for sure,” Croft added.

The post received a lot of comments with one user saying, “Very memorable no doubt … the shared father and son experience. The 4 of you and you expressed it so well. Golf ⛳️ ❤️Emily T Gail.”

“Great experience. I hope your boy did well, and best of luck to him!” the second user commented.

A third added, “That’s awesome man. You and your son will remember that forever. Tiger is such a legend. But what makes the experience so memorable is that you both got to do it together."

“My dad is my best friend. I always say, I love Tom Brady. He’s my favorite sports player ever. Yeah, it’s because he won a lot. But it’s more so because he created so many memories for my family, and specifically for my dad and me. Thanks for posting Shane. Good luck to your son Chase on his golf career,” they added.

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