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Travis Kelce's injury dubbed 'Taylor Swift curse' after pop star misses Chiefs-Vikings game

NFL viewership numbers had skyrocketed after Taylor Swift attended two consecutive Chiefs games to cheer for Travis Kelce
Supporters are convinced that Taylor Swift's absence from Sunday's game was what led to Travis Kelce's injury (@taylorswift,@killatrav/Instagram)
Supporters are convinced that Taylor Swift's absence from Sunday's game was what led to Travis Kelce's injury (@taylorswift,@killatrav/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL have significantly benefited from Taylor Swift's support in recent weeks, but her supporters are convinced that the pop star's absence from Sunday's game has hurt her new 'boyfriend' Travis Kelce in more ways than one.

The league's popularity skyrocketed after Swift went to two consecutive games to watch Chiefs tight end Kelce.


Taylor Swift did not attend Sunday's game

However, she broke her streak this week when she didn't show up in Minnesota for the team's victory against the Vikings.

Concerningly, Kelce later sustained a non-contact injury during the game and hobbled off the field. Taylor's supporters believe this happened because she wasn't present.

'The curse of Taylor Swift'

As the Kansas City Chiefs pursue back-to-back Super Bowl victories, fans are concerned that Travis' future performances may suffer as a result of what is now being dubbed "The Curse of Taylor Swift."

The star tight end did eventually return to the field in the game against the Vikings, and he even went on to score a touchdown, but fans were worried after he slipped and appeared to injure his right ankle during the second quarter, as reported by DailyMail.

Kelce returned to play in the third quarter after being deemed questionable to return.

He later scored a touchdown, seizing a pass from quarterback Patrick Mahomes to increase the Chiefs' margin of victory for the evening.

Besides the Swift curse, another reason cited for Kelce's injury was the synthetic surface in Minnesota, reigniting the age-old argument between grass and turf.

'Taylor Swift curse is worse than imagined'

However, the internet was abuzz about the Taylor curse, as one user wrote on X, "The Taylor Swift curse is even worse than we imagined…"

A different user wondered, "Travis Kelce just limped off the field injured... Is this the Taylor Swift curse?"

Another said, "Taylor Swift curse , hate to see it." Someone else noted, "The Taylor Swift curse begins. I don’t care if she wasn’t at this game."





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