Viral video exposes couple’s raunchy act in plane's toilet on EasyJet flight

The clip has received five million views with a number of bizarre comments

Viral video exposes couple’s raunchy act in plane's toilet on EasyJet flight
Screenshots showed flight staff and passengers' reaction after seeing the couple (Twitter/ @VideosIrish)

LUTON, ENGLAND: A pair has gone viral on the Internet as they were caught having sex thousands of feet above in the sky.

The unnamed couple were exposed as they joined the infamous 'mile high club' while traveling on an EasyJet flight from Luton to Ibiza on September 8, Daily Star reported.

Flight attendant discovers couple

The footage, shared on X (formerly Twitter) by a user named Aney Stokes, showed a cabin crew member standing outside the toilet door as other co-flyers waited for the big reveal.


As soon as the attendant opened the door, both the man and the woman were seen involved in the sexual act while their naked backsides were visible. 

The man then immediately closed the door while everyone on the flight laughed and cheered, including the aircraft staffer. A woman was also heard saying, “Oh my f***ing god.”

‘That's wild’

The clip has garnered five million views on the social media platform with one user saying, “That’s a huge bathroom!”, while another tweeted, “That’s wild.”



The third user shared, “Can't say that this is on our naughty bucket list.”



“Both should face federal charges,” the fourth user suggested.




The fifth one remarked, “Joining the Mile High Club on easy jet. Outrageous effort.”

A person commented, “I'd of shriveled up like a raisin if that'd happened to me. Kudos to him for keeping going.”

“Ryanair would absolutely charge for this extra,” joked another tweet about the viral clip.

Meanwhile, a statement was released by EasyJet’s spokesperson, who said, “We can confirm that this flight from Luton to Ibiza on 8 September was met by police on arrival due to the behavior of two passengers onboard.”

However, it is not known if the duo faced any charges.

A few years earlier, a man and a woman were charged after they had sex on a Thomas Cook flight while drunk.

The woman named Gemma Heap and her partner Philip Mycock were reportedly charged with outraging public decency and being drunk on a plane.

It was said that they in a “public place committed an act outraging public decency by behaving in an indecent manner, namely had or appeared to have sexual intercourse in the presence of other passengers whilst sat in your seat on board the aircraft.”