Tom Cruise massaged his mom's feet daily as she worked 3 jobs, stayed close to her until her death at 80

Tom Cruise gave his mother a 30-minute foot massage after she got home from work every day

Tom Cruise massaged his mom's feet daily as she worked 3 jobs, stayed close to her until her death at 80
Tom had significant academic difficulties during his early years, attending 14 different schools and receiving a dyslexia diagnosis at age seven (@Tomcruise/Instagram, TMZ/YouTube)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Tom Cruise's mother, Mary Lee Pfeiffer, was the one woman who stood by the actor in his difficult early years. She infact worked several jobs to make ends meet and made sure Tom and his 3 sisters were provided for.

Her dedication and devotion gave him the willpower to persevere even in the face of adversity. Tom Cruise overcame challenges with her help, and he eventually rose to fame as the well-known actor we know today.

Even though they did their best with what they had, Cruise's family had a period of financial hardship while living in Ottawa, Canada.

When Cruise was 14 years old, his mother Mary bravely decided to divorce his controlling father. She moved him and his three sisters to Louiseville in an effort to provide her family a better future.

Tom Cruise's mom said, 'I had a dream of raising children'

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In a rare interview before her death, the mother of four shared: “You know, women have dreams of having careers and being whatever. I had a dream of raising children and enjoying them and having a good family life."

Tom Cruise gave her mother 30-minute foot massages

Tom has significant academic difficulties during his early years. He attended 14 different schools and received a dyslexia diagnosis at age seven.

Taking a job delivering newspapers allowed Cruise to assist his mother financially. Every night when she got home from work, he also gave his mother a 30-minute foot massage, as reported by Brightside.

Tom Cruise didn't enjoy school

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Speaking about his upbringing from his own perspective, Cruise acknowledged that it was difficult for him to relate to his classmates and be candid about his history.

Even though he yearned for people's love and attention, he admitted that he struggled to express his actual emotions. Through it all, he felt as though he didn't really belong anywhere. Due to his problems, Cruise didn't really enjoy school.

“I look back upon high school and grade school, and I would never want to go back there. Not in a million years,” Cruise said.

Tom Cruise's mom worked three jobs to keep family afloat

Mary Lee Pfeiffer was compelled to care for her four kids by herself and worked up to three jobs to keep the family afloat. In an effort to provide for their family's financial security, she entered the appliance sales business and even arranged electronics conventions.

Sadly, Mary's health suffered as a result of the strain and exertion, and she eventually got a herniated disc. As a result, a friend had to relocate in order to help out with the household duties since she was no longer able to care for her family alone.

The family relied on food stamps for a period. Tom also had to mature faster than most kids his age. The 'Mission Impossible' actor started working at age 11 to help his mother and sisters.

Tom Cruise's mother was his closest companion

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It is natural to have ups and downs in a mother's relationship with her teenage son. But Tom's equation with mom Mary was truly unique. His mother was always his closest companion, and he supported his family with every cent from his jobs.

Tom was exceptionally gifted and had expressed interest in performing since an early age. When he was a little boy, his mother was his most devoted audience as he performed small sketches of his favorite comics or mimicked animated characters.

So, even though he felt compelled to care for her and put his goals on hold, Mary was the one who persuaded him to take part in his first high school play.

Pfeiffer met Jack South at an electronics convention after a few years had passed after her separation from her first husband.

Pfeiffer and South quickly became accustomed to their new lifestyle. Pfeiffer and South agreed to get married after Cruise turned sixteen.

Because he was so fiercely protective of his mother, Cruise first felt apprehensive about his stepdad.

But as time went on, Cruise realized how much South loved Pfeiffer, and he even struck a pact with Mary and him, promising to become a successful actor in ten years.

Tom received praise from critics and fans in a very short period of time, but it doesn't seem that his celebrity status ever got to the actor's head, as his dedication to his craft has maintained him at the top for 40 years.

When did Tom Cruise's mom die?

Mary Lee regrettably died away in 2017. As her health had deteriorated, she had withdrew from the spotlight in her later years. But, her influence on Tom's life and career will never be forgotten.

Tom remained at her side right up until the end, showing that one of life's greatest pleasures is returning a loved ones' kindness.