Wig Sticking Out of Car Trunk Attracts Police Intervention and Turns Out into The Funniest Exchange

Police was alerted by a concerned citizen after spotting hair sticking out from the trunk of a woman's car in Ohio.

Wig Sticking Out of Car Trunk Attracts Police Intervention and Turns Out into The Funniest Exchange
Cover Image Source: Facebook | @Toris Twonsend

Incidents that happen out of not-so-mindful actions can be terrifying and sometimes hilarious too. An Ohio woman put her wig in the trunk of her vehicle which led to the situation needing police to be at the scene, reports Yahoo. A TikTok video that showed the conversation between the police and the woman looked serious but ended up being one of the funniest experiences for both parties.

The woman, whose schedule was packed before her hair appointment threw her wig in the trunk of her car. She was unaware of the fact that the wig could be seen from outside in an unappealing manner. The video was shared by Toria Townsend. The woman who was driving behind Townsend noticed the hair and confused it with a person’s hair sticking out of the car. This thought bothered her. “I was just driving down Lincoln Way and I was behind this car and they had hair sticking out of their trunk. I don’t know if it was a wig or if it’s like a possible person in the trunk,” the woman told the police dispatcher.

The caller also provided Massillon police with information regarding the car, including its model and make, after which the police followed up with the information. With the license plate number, the police reached Towsend’s parents' home to ask about the incident. They said that someone who was concerned about the hair in the trunk of her car led to their arrival at her house. They asked if she was a hair stylist, to which Townsend replied no. "So there is hair hanging out of your car," the officer said to Townsend. Townsend was surprised to know that, and she responded, "Oh my sweet Jesus! That’s my wig!"

She proceeds to go inside her house briefly to collect her keys from the house while the police officer is seen laughing in the video. She came back and opened the trunk of her car to see the wig for herself. The police officers and Townsend can be seen sharing a laugh. She later took to Facebook to express her gratitude to the police for managing the situation very calmly and not making it violent and complicated. She also mentioned that she is happy to know how much the community cares about others.



In a conversation with 19 News, she said: "I was in such a rush that day I forgot about my wig and didn’t pay attention to where it landed. Usually, there is no good outcome when it comes to a person of color and an officer. When you finally see something good (started from this situation) it’s funny."

She also explained that she got dirty looks from people as she was driving but could not figure out the reason for it. Many people who commented on the post found it hilarious. A user commented that this might have been her best day at work. "Let’s be honest, he was relieved as hell that it was just a wig," another user wrote.