Woman Finds Hilarious Note Tucked Under The Wallpaper Left By a Former Tenant

The note was from a tenant who lived in the house in 1997, secretly and perfectly tucked under the wallpaper.

Woman Finds Hilarious Note Tucked Under The Wallpaper Left By a Former Tenant
Cover Image Source: Reddit | @ u/Brilliantas

It could feel like being in a horror movie if your walls started talking. Three years ago, while ripping off the wallpaper of her newly bought house, a woman found a piece of paper with something written on it. The woman, who goes by the name u/Brilliantas, shared the note on Reddit that gained the attention of the users, reports Yahoo.

The note was from Jon, a tenant who lived in the house in 1997. The note was, however, very insightful. He wrote: “If you ever need to wallpaper this room again, it will take eight rolls of wallpaper. I brought just six rolls at £17 per roll on December 5, 1997. Didn’t have enough. (It really pissed me off.)” Surprisingly many Redditors had similar things to share. A Redditor, u/DanceFriendStrapS wrote: “My Dad passed away about 2 and a bit years ago. We have recently started to redecorate the house during the quarantine period. As we were removing the wallpaper my Dad’s handwriting started to show underneath. Once we had removed it all, my Dad had written all of our initials with a big heart and an arrow underneath and the year we moved in. We all had a nice cry and a hug. His handwriting was always terrible, at least I know where I got it from.”

Another user shared: “The man who did the lighting for the generation game wrote a long poem behind our wallpaper, I remember reading it as a kid and still remember it to this day. I’m pretty sure I drew a Superman S in response.” Apart from the few emotional anecdotes, there were many funny ones too. u/faerieunderfoot wrote: “When they redecorated my childhood living room there were a few years of graffiti 1st says I LOVE JERSEY under which someone has added “COWS!” Sadly it got plastered over but it was funny to see.”

Another user, u/noions wrote hilariously: “When I was taking wallpaper down in my spare room I found a big letter A painted on the wall underneath. I carried on and found an R. Then an S, then an E. I was unimpressed to find ARSE on the wall. Then I found the rest of the letters and realized it said ARSENAL.” There were many others who picked at the facts in the text rather than the experience of it. U/prince_sarah wrote: “When I worked in a home shop we ALWAYS told people to take more rolls than they thought they’d need and EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. They’d ignore us as if we were just trying to upsell. And every single time they’d come back after a week or two with the batch number trying to search for another roll or two.”

Many questioned and criticized the man’s choice to put up the wallpapers before Christmas as well. u/PickleHarry asked in the comments, “What kind of madman puts up wallpaper 4 days before Christmas?” To which u/MiscWalrus replied, “Someone who needs to prove that their life is together before the judgmental hoard of Christmas visitors arrive? The post gathered over 67,000 likes on Reddit alone with many social media platforms reposting it.