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Woman Overjoyed After Reuniting With Her Engagement Ring After Losing It at Broncos Game | “My Heart Is So Full”

Lupe Leyva urged people to share her Facebook post about losing her engagement ring at a Broncos game. It eventually led to her finding the ring.
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Justin Edmonds
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Justin Edmonds

After watching the Broncos play in Denver, Lupe Leyva misplaced her engagement ring. But amazingly, Leyva was able to recover the ring. On Sunday, PEOPLE reported that Leyva attended a football game at the stadium for the first time to see the Denver Broncos vs the Los Angeles Chargers.


Leyva explained in a Facebook post how she lost her engagement ring. She began with "I NEED HELP!!" The Colorado resident further added, "I had my gloves on, took them off heading to the bathroom & off went my engagement ring." Expressing her disappointment Leyva wrote, "After the first stadium football game I've ever been to, I'm leaving heartbroken and feeling just awful", 9News reported. 

Although Leyva thought she will never be able to find her ring back and was "heartbroken" when she returned home. She mentioned that the whole situation to her looked like a "lost cause" but still she chose not to give up on her engagement ring which meant so much to her. As she posted about her ring on Facebook she also encouraged other people to keep sharing it. 


Soon Leyva's efforts paid off and miraculously she found her ring back. Leyva stated Monday night that she had driven back to the stadium from her home in Fort Collins to check if the ring was hers after hearing from Empower Field staff that someone had turned in a ring. She claimed that the stadium staff did not know who managed to turn it in, but she hoped they did so she could sincerely thank them, 9News reported. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Justin Edmonds
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Justin Edmonds

A Broncos spokesperson told PEOPLE, "Guest Relations connected with the security team, who hosts the stadium's Lost & Found to identify if the ring was turned in." He further added, "The owner then connected with a member of staff, was able to describe and verify the ring, and we were able to reunite the ring and owner yesterday evening." The spokesperson also said "a truly remarkable testament to our Guest Relations staff for being diligent with their sections and being trained to keep an eye out for everything!"


Expressing her happiness on Facebook, Leyva "MY HEART IS SO FULL!!" She further wrote, " I was feeling awful & It felt like a long shot but the amount of support I felt from everyone helped keep me hopeful. There are good, kind people out there and I'm forever thankful for the person who found it & turned it in." 

Leyva still has no idea who returned her precious engagement ring but still, she is very thankful to the person who made this possible and reunited her ring with her. Thanking the people who helped her to find her engagement ring and supported her online as well, Leyva wrote "We have soooo many thanks to give."

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