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Zoheb Alam

Zoheb Alam

He is a fervent Real Madrid supporter with a deep passion for the beautiful game and he brings his enthusiasm for football into every aspect of life. Beyond the field, his interests extend to the vibrant world of Bollywood, where he indulges in watching drama and thriller movies and TV shows.

Archaeologists find another part of the mysterious 'Book of the Dead' at Egyptian burial site

The papyrus scroll containing a portion of the Book of the Dead has been tipped to be more than 43 feet long.
4 days ago

The mysterious roots of superstition around the number '13' considered ominous across cultures

The number '13' has always been associated with bad luck and hence when the date falls on a Friday it only adds to the anxiety.
4 days ago

Researchers astonished after decoding the meaning behind whistles that dolphins use to communicate

Research has revealed that these marine mammals take the help of a unique whistle to stay in touch with each other.
6 days ago

Researchers reveal reasons why people avoid returning shopping carts to their right place

The study has mentioned a few reasons why shoppers decide to do this and some of them are simply baffling.
7 days ago

Archaeologists come across underwater structure that could help solve the mystery of Stonehenge

The discovery was made just off the coast of Israel in 1984 and may have solved the mystery behind Stonehenge.
Jul 11, 2024

Spectacular AI-generated visuals of dreams trigger mixed emotions among viewers on the internet

A content creator took the assistance of AI to bring dreams to life on a digital canvas and truth be told, the results were spectacular.
Jul 10, 2024

Research reveals the strange effects that Zoom calls have on the brain affecting human behavior

A new research study has confirmed that connecting with people over Zoom triggers strange behavior in the brain.
Jul 9, 2024