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Young Girl Adorably Confronts Her Mother for Throwing Her Artwork in the Trash | "That’s Not Kind"

The little girl had a few strong words for her mother when she found one of her creations in the trash.
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @goodnews_movement
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @goodnews_movement

Kids love art. They often hold different colored ink pens and draw whatever comes to their imagination. Although most parents cherish many of those drawings, and some even get them framed, realistically, the sheer number of artworks these budding artists create adds clutter to the house. You certainly cannot keep them all. But one little girl had a few strong words for her mother when she found one of her creations in the trash.

In a video posted by @goodnews_movement on Instagram, the young lady barges in with a wrinkled piece of paper and accuses her mother of throwing her artwork in the trash. "I found the picture in the bin," she tells her mother with indignation. "I made the picture for us," she furiously added. The little one's mother, who captured the adorable outburst on camera, calmly handled the matter and apologized, "I'm sorry."

She also proceeded to reassure the devastated little girl, saying: "It must have been an accident. I thought it was something else." The young girl closely observed the crumpled-up paper and looked highly disappointed. She said, "that's not kind," and held her mother accountable. The girl didn't seem convinced of her mother's apologies and added: "And you also ripped it."

The mother acknowledged her feelings, saying: "Did I? Sorry." However, the youngster was far from happy with her mother's apologies and clarified that it was a punishable offense. She warned her mom: "You're going to be in trouble now."


The little girl's bold nature and innocence won thousands of hearts on the internet and many people left comments on the video. An Instagram user, @ario.cherio, got inspired by the girl's reaction and shared, "She said, that's not kind. I started taking pictures of my son's drawings instead." @tashmusec8 shared how their daughter was the same, writing: "Aw!! This was super cute! My daughter was bright like this at that age, too." 

Some people jumped to advise the little one's mom on how to preserve the kid's drawing in today's times. A fellow mother, @tippntopp83, said: "With tech today, this is so much easier. Please take a picture and save it on your device, like Katie's artwork, for example. Then you can have it scroll across the tv. Kids love that. Also, I keep some of the artwork because why not? I loved seeing what my mom saved, and I am almost 40."

Another proud mother, @jazz1in12, wrote: "I have kept everything! My son was a genius at an early age. Today he is a published graphic comic illustrator/writer."

Meanwhile, some people took the mother's side and offered her advice on different ways to manage her daughter's creations. @ahna_rz wrote about how they handle it. "I take a picture of it and then throw it away. The moment captured, done," they commented. Other Instagram users had a hilarious take on it. @nwatling used sarcasm, writing: "Yes, mom, why is my art in the trash? It needs to go on the fridge for at least two weeks."

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