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Mom Cannot Hold Back Emotions When She Hears Daughter's Song On TV For The First Time

Her song was featured in the UK reality show, Love Island, and her mother could not hold back her emotions upon seeing it on TV.
Cover Image Source: Reddit | @JonOfNoTrades
Cover Image Source: Reddit | @JonOfNoTrades

Nobody celebrates our wins better than our mothers. In all phases of life, they cry for us, dance and laugh with us, and are our constant support system. One such mother is seen doing the same for her daughter in an adorable video shared on Reddit.

Image Source: Reddit | @JonOfNoTrades
Image Source: Reddit | u/JonOfNoTrades

The clip shows the mother beaming with happiness when she watches her daughter's song on TV for the first time. Shared by u/JohnOfNoTrades, the singer's mother steals the show in the video. Her song was featured in the UK reality show, Love Island, and her mother could not hold back her emotions upon seeing it on TV and jumps in excitement. She then impatiently looks for the TV remote to raise the volume.

The text overlay on the video reads: "Now, you can see where I get my weird energy from." After that, the mother-daughter duo breaks into a duet and enjoys the melody together.

She was jumping and clapping like a teenage girl, and her happiness is contagious. The internet felt it, and people gushed about it in the comments. Reddit user, @StunningHamster3, wrote, "Omg, I love seeing parents overjoyed when their children succeed. If you can't be happy when your kid accomplishes something and are indifferent, you will lose that child as soon as they can get away."

Another user, @Bow_Down_To_Me_Swine, said: "Let me tell you something, your hard work and talents are incredible! You can hone them and become successful not for your parents but for your future. Keep up the good work, love."

@BluAire, another Reddit user, loved the mom's reaction and commented, "I love the mom's vibe!! So heartwarming." To a user, @phillyvanilly666, the mom's expressions came as a surprise, "I was not expecting this to happen, while the cameras rolling right onto their faces. Still cute, though."


On another mother-daughter bond, a TikTok video about a restaurant went viral. Isabel posted a video of a Taco shop owned by her mother and wrote, "It breaks my heart to see my mom watching the door every day, waiting for a customer to walk in." She shared that she wants to gift customers to her mother for Christmas.

In a subsequent video, Isabel's mother, Joy Milan, was sitting alone in an empty cafe waiting for customers to walk in. The restaurant's name is Taco-Bout-Joys, and the business is on TikTok under the same name. Milan co-owns the cafe with her sister, Kack Keomanivong.

Image Source: TikTok | @tacoboutjoys
Image Source: TikTok | @tacoboutjoys

The video received positive reactions from people, and many people approached them and promised to visit the cafe soon. It garnered 53.1 million views and 8.1 million likes. The restaurant is in Glenview, Illinois.

A TikTok user, the @AI reviewer, blessed them and wrote, "I hope they get loads of customers." Another TikToker, @DreadXO, said, "Awww! I am so happy everybody went to support this woman's business. I love stories like this. Big up, everyone."

Image Source: TikTok | @tacoboutjoys
Image Source: TikTok |@tacoboutjoys

The next day Isabel updated the audience with another video. The caption read, "Have not had time to sit down and update, but let us say it was only my mom and me this morning, and we ended with this crew. We are amazed by the support and are still taking it all in."

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