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A man travelled 4000 miles to create GPS art for a marriage 0roposal. The results were jaw-dropping

Yasushi Takahashi possibly planned and executed the greatest marriage proposal ever which found recognition from Guinness World Records as well.
UPDATED JUN 14, 2024
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Google
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Google

Marriage is a major step ahead in a relationship as well as in life for a couple and the runup to the big day is as memorable as the wedding itself. The proposal is a crucial moment for the future that two people decide to build together, and getting it right is every man's priority. Everyone puts in creativity and tries to make it special either by keeping it intimate or through grand gestures. While many people might run out of unique ideas to propose to their partner, one Japanese man decided to take his proposal game to the next level. 


Yasushi Takahashi, a man who calls himself a pioneer in GPS art, decided to travel 4000 miles throughout Japan to pull off a memorable proposal for his girlfriend. His effort was so special that it was even recognized by Guinness World Records. According to About Google, it was back in 2008 when Takahashi wanted to propose to his girlfriend Natsuki but he wasn't sure how to do it. Then he stumbled upon GPS art where people use their activated GPS device to travel along a predetermined route in order to create large-scale digital art. After covering the desired routes, one can upload the GPS information to tools such as Google Earth and watch the art created by it on the map of the region that they covered.

Takahashi decided to use this unique idea and spell out "Marry Me" across the map of Japan to propose to Natsuki. On 9 June 2010, he quit his job and traveled for the next six months covering 4,451 miles from Hokkaido to the coasts of Kagoshima and giving his larger-than-life proposal its shape. Guinness World Records recognized Takahashi's GPS art as the largest GPS drawing by an individual in history.


Natsuki accepted his innovative and grand proposal, and the couple eventually got married. "It was a big surprise," Natsuki said, per South China Morning Post. "I felt the greatest love in the world." Takahashi did not stop with his epic marriage proposal, as he put his GPS art skills to use when the couple went to London for their honeymoon. He created the shape of a gigantic heart over the British capital when they went trekking and dedicated it to his bride.

“I regard GPS art as ‘a tool for experiencing local history and culture,'” Takahashi wrote in a statement on his official website. “By moving, I draw something, and at the same time, I come into contact with history and culture, deepening my understanding of the region. GPS art is a digital form of artistic expression that allows people to see the city's scenery, culture, and history from a new perspective, and we would like to spread its potential all over the world."

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Takahashi added that he wants people to recognize and explore this technology and hopes that through his GPS art, others can view the urban spaces from a more diverse angle and perspective. "I plan to continue to maximize the potential of GPS art and provide new excitement and value to people all over the world," he further wrote. As of now, Takahashi has become a full-time self-proclaimed pioneer of GPS art and has used tools like Google Earth and Google Street View to draw fascinating GPS drawings by traveling all over the world.


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