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Rima Biswas

Rima Biswas

About Author

Rima is a wordsmith by day and a pop-culture enthusiast by night. She spends most of her time typing away to weave intriguing stories for the curious readers. Rima is passionate about anything and everything that catches her attention and makes her ponder about it at 3 a.m.

Area of Interest

She often escapes into the fictional world of anime, manga and cinema and would prefer to find an actual portal out of reality. Epic music motivates her whereas art and photography keeps her sane.


Rima has a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature and a Master's Degree in Film and Media.

Previous Experiences

She started her professional journey as freelancer where she dabbled in writing for various industries. Prior to writing for The Daily Net, she has been a feature writer for publications such as Scoop Upworthy, Men's Humor, TriniKid, WomenWorking, Front Page Detectives and GOOD.

Scientists have finally uncovered the source of water on Moon that formed ice on its surface

Scientists are closer to finding the answers about how the ice found on the lunar surface was formed and where the water came from in its dry landscape.
1 day ago

Woman's response to an unusual note from neighbors leads to an unexpected connection

An interaction that started with exchanging post-it notes and sending apologies for a loud party, blossomed into something wholesome.
2 days ago

Utah man brews beer using 3,500-year-old Egyptian recipe and ancient yeast to travel back in time

Dylan McDonnell has been brewing craft beer at his home for a long time but this is the first time he has used ancient yeast to create one of a kind beer.
3 days ago

Scientists gain insights into life of Neolithic people 8,000 years ago from their food habits

Experts studied the pottery shards from the neolithic period to understand the southeastern European diet of the people in that era.
5 days ago

Exploring the links between the evolution of American English and a revolution in the country

There are some major differences between American and British English and here is the entire story of how the language evolved over time.
5 days ago

The internet is captivated by mysterious reverse waterfalls where water flows upwards

This famous reverse waterfall in the country is also popular with tourists from all over the world for its scenic surroundings and trekking trails.
6 days ago

The curious case of the man who managed to survive without a heart for 555 days

The 25-year-old man who was waiting for a heart transplant had to live without a functioning heart that was removed from his body.
7 days ago

Scientists unlock unknown details about prehistoric forests from fossils of ancient trees

The fascinating discovery revealed facts about the density of the forest that existed in the earliest phase of evolution almost 390 million years ago.
Jul 11, 2024

World War II soldier's letter travels through time to reach its destination after 76 years

In the final days of WWII, a young soldier had written a letter to his mother from Germany but it never made it to her home in America.
Jul 10, 2024

AI spots never-before-seen secret detail hidden in 500-year-old painting by Raphael

A certain detail in a masterpiece created by the popular Renaissance-era Italian painter was discovered with the help of AI.
Jul 9, 2024

The presence of a hidden planet may further redefine what humanity knows about the solar system

Other than the eight known planets in our solar system, there might be a hidden planet somewhere in the circular icy belt surrounding our solar system.
Jul 9, 2024

Woman makes mind-blowing discovery about a $4 dollar vase that she found at a thrift store

A woman in Maryland found an old vase sitting on the shelf of a thrift store but little did she know that it was the relic of an ancient civilization.
Jul 9, 2024

Scientists reveal how the changing length of days and nights is going to transform life on Earth

This major shift might affect our daily routines and lifestyle as we navigate each day of the week, but there's no need to be alarmed.
Jul 8, 2024

Experts lay down rules and reveal timings to catch a glimpse of the Milky Way without telescopes

There is no need to fetch an expensive telescope to capture the shimmering view of the Milky Way because it can be seen with the naked eye if you get the timing right.
Jul 8, 2024

The real reason why a South Korean employer is paying employees $75,000 just to have children

A billionaire business owner in his 80s is not only giving a whopping amount of monetary benefits to his employees but is also taking care of other medical expenses.
Jul 7, 2024

Scientists come up with mind-blowing idea to build a base on the moon using 3D-printed Lego bricks

Scientists share how they plan to build a base for space travelers on the moon by using dust from a meteorite to 3D-print space bricks.
Jul 7, 2024

Mythical sword wedged inside a rock near a French village mysteriously disappears

The sword called Durandal was apparently wielded by a French knight Roland and was given to him by Charlemagne, the king of Franks.
Jul 6, 2024

Scientists find a way to measure blood glucose using just your phone's compass

A smartphone compass could be used in more ways than one to help us detect the amount of glucose in various liquids including blood.
Jul 6, 2024

Scientists mystified after capturing 9 billion-year-old radio signal from far-away galaxy

The miraculous discovery was made possible with the research of two experts who were aided by something called a "gravitational lens."
Jul 6, 2024

What a man found out about notes left by a stranger in his house was nothing that he had expected

At first the man thought that the notes were left by a stalker or his landlord for some reason but the reality of the situation was more complicated.
Jul 5, 2024