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Almost 700 hundred couples come together during mass wedding to share their joy and love

The event had been organized to help those couples who had to push off their weddings during the pandemic amidst restrictions.
Cover Image Source: (R) Instagram/ Photo by lincolncenter (L) Pexels/ Photo by Irina Iriser
Cover Image Source: (R) Instagram/ Photo by lincolncenter (L) Pexels/ Photo by Irina Iriser

Getting married is an important milestone in a couple's life and everyone wants to share the joy of the wedding day with family and friends. But having your loved ones around for the big day is one thing, and getting married alongside hundreds of other couples is something else entirely. This joy was experienced by a large number of couples who turned up to get married at New York's Lincoln Center, as reported by NY1.

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The mass wedding ceremony has been organized for the second time by the Lincoln Centre and couples were not following a dress code for the ceremony. Some were in white attires while others took a more casual approach. Certain brides had clutched bouquets of roses, while some went with wildflowers. It was clear that everyone wanted to personalize their experience while sharing their happiness with strangers. The one common thing shared by all the couples was a sense of euphoria and giddiness at taking such a huge step.


Almost 700 couples were present at the location for their wedding and this included those who had known each other for decades. Hazel Seivwright-Carney and her husband Rohan Carney have been together for more than 2 decades. They eloped the first time which led to many of their family members being unable to witness their wedding. Hazel's mother was saddened by this and in order to fulfill her wish the couple decided to renew their vows. The bride's mother was present at the Centre with them, waiting to see the couple's wedding vows which she missed 28 years ago.

The Center first organized the event to help those couples who had to postpone their wedding plans due to the Pandemic. It was done to give them a way in which they could promise their love to each other in a meaningful manner. None of these weddings are legally binding and the 500 couples that took part previously, had encouraged the organizers to do it again. Shanta Thake, the center's chief artistic officer said about the event, “We started doing this last year, right after the pandemic and we felt it was a time for all of us to come together. There was so much to be sad about and mourn. It’s also important for us to have these rituals together.”

Alexander Fischer and his soon-to-be fiancee, Nina Oishi used the event as a way of strengthening their commitment to each other before going to different parts of the country for work. They had lived together for a year in New York and were set to take up clerkships in different cities. They wanted to do something special during their last days in New York and thought of joining the event. Oishi explained their decision, "It felt like such a New York thing to do. We know we’re going to get married, so why not get a chance to celebrate it now before we're apart?”

The couples were not just celebrating their love for each other but also showed the power of love to get humanity through the post-pandemic era.

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