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Somdatta Maity

Somdatta Maity

What a Couple Did After Receiving Letters From Previous Owners of Their House Will Melt Your Heart

The letter was left to them when they moved in so that they could have a special experience at the house just like the previous owners.
18 hours ago

Harper Collins Wanted to Save Trees While Publishing Books. Then They Came up With a Brilliant Idea

Harper Collins in their new design strategy will use fonts that will cause less number of pages to be used while maintaining the reading experience.
20 hours ago

Grandson Restore's 40-Year-Old Family Car. His Grandfather's Emotional Reaction Was Worth the Effort

The grandson surprises his grandpa by getting his family's keepsake, a pickup truck back to optimal conditions, with help from his father.
1 day ago

Doctor Tells People Everything That's Wrong With the Way They Shower. The Internet Won't Have it

The doctor shared the things that people are doing wrong in their shower routine and there's also research to back up his claims.
1 day ago

A Farmer Had to Sell His Cow to a Neighbor But Her Affection Towards Him Brought Her Back Home

The cow triumphantly returned home within seconds, walking on the road overlooking the grass, before going back to the shed.
2 days ago

Man Turns up at His Funeral After Faking Death to Reunite Family. Their Reaction Was Heartbreaking

The man shocked everyone by deciding to fake his own death and arrange his funeral to reunite with his estranged family, but things went out of hand.
2 days ago

Boy Pays Emotional Visit to His Mother's Grave Ahead of Graduation Ceremony After Beating all Odds

The boy had also fought battles of his own due to medical conditions that affected his life ever since he was born.
2 days ago

Images of 'God's Hand' Have Been Captured in Space Again. Here's Why it Has Puzzled Astronomers

'God's Hand' once again brings to light the issue of cometary globules that scientists have been trying to solve for years.
3 days ago

American Professor's Suggestion to Add Salt to Tea Sparks Outrage. US Embassy Responds With Sarcasm

The USA Embassy responded after seeing Britishers going berserk over the thought of adding salt to tea, and left the internet in splits.
4 days ago

This Story of a Couple Finding Each Other Thanks to Their Grandmothers Will Leave You Feeling Mushy

The couple met for something as mundane as buying a cabinet but soon found out that they had a deeper connection.
4 days ago

Hollywood Star Mr T was Once Questioned About His Shabby Shoes. His Response Left Everyone in Awe

Mr. T shares with Bobbie Wygrant his reasons for wearing worn-out shoes despite having the ability to afford the most elite of brands.
4 days ago

Author's Father Turns up at Her Book Launch. The Story Behind His Attire Moved Everyone Present

He has been wearing the same shirt made by her for every significant event as a badge of honor.
4 days ago

Starbucks Server Receives a Tip That She Will Remember for a Lifetime on Mother's Day

Starbucks server with her jovial nature won the heart of a customer down in the slumps and in return received a precious gift
5 days ago

World's Loneliest Plant Faces Extinction as it Can't Find a Soulmate. Here's How AI Can Reunite Them

AI used by researchers to get the female variant of Encephalartos woodii amidst the dense forests of Ngoye.
5 days ago

Woman Starts Patting Royal Horse in London. His Reaction Left Everyone Feeling Mushy

The king's horse's reaction to the woman approaching him with warmth turned everyone's hearts into mush.
5 days ago

The Sight of 400 Students Singing Hymns For Their Teacher Battling Cancer Will Move You to Tears

The students took a bus to their teacher's home to sing hymns to him after getting to know about his condition when he finally had to retire.
6 days ago

Woman Shows How Her Boyfriend Can't Find Things in Front of Him. Viewers Find Video Relatable

Viewers were left in splits as Koko went ballistic over Symba for being unable to locate wipes that were exactly in front of him.
6 days ago

'Better Call Saul' Star Bob Odenkirk Finds Out he is Royalty. The Revelation Caught Him by Surprise

Bob Odenkirk reconsidered his opinion on monarchy when his connection to royalty was revealed.
7 days ago

Lewis Capaldi's Condition Made Him Twitch Mid-Performance. His Fans Responded With a Touching Gesture

Lewis Capaldi gets support from his fans during live performance after sharing his Tourette diagnosis.
7 days ago

NASA Shares Video Showing What Would Happen Inside a Black Hole and it's Spectacular

The video shows what would happen if a person falls into a black hole in the video that takes the viewer through it at an accelerated pace.
Jun 4, 2024