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Audiences Had to Spot the Girl Who Was Actually Singing in an Acapella Group. Here's How They Fared

One video of thirteen girls singing the acapella version of The Jackson 5's hit track has the internet audience puzzled as they try to figure out who the real soloist is.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @usfrockysangels
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @usfrockysangels

In an age when social media content creation is thriving and creating revenue streams, audiences are constantly glued to screens with too much material to consume. As part of a recent trend on online platforms, people are posting videos where a group appears to sing a song but in reality, only one of them is singing, and the audience must figure out which one it is. An all-female acapella group from the University of South Florida left the internet scratching their heads when they posted a video of them singing "I Want You Back" by The Jackson 5.


The text on the TikTok video challenged their online audience as it reads, "Guess who?" Naturally, it is hard to spot the solo artist among a group of 13 girls who seem to be perfectly in sync and it looks like 12 out of them are doing their to pretend that they are singing. More than 14 million people ended up watching the video and many others jumped in to decode who the real singer was among the 13 girls.

Image Source: TikTok | @usfrockysangels
Image Source: TikTok | @usfrockysangels

@juicysockss wondered: "I actually can't figure it out and it's driving me insane." A vast majority of them pointed out that the girl in a maroon tank top could be the real singer. @user083725 remarked: "The way that none of them look right enough for my brain." @sammyjo200111 noted: "Blue shirt bottom left. You can see her take the deep breaths in between the lyrics." @khasse318 wrote: "Maroon shirt clearly. Hand movement to go with the mini run she did. No one else did that or would’ve known to other than the singer." @tiffanylyne87 joked: "Someone please tag me in the reveal because I really can't decide usually I'm pretty good at this type of post but I don't know."

@usfrockysangels guess which one of our talented angels is singing!! #acapella #guesswhossinging ♬ original sound - Rocky's Angels


This isn't the first time Rocky's Angels have posted videos to puzzle the internet. Their entire TikTok page is dedicated to several videos where they ask the viewers to guess the soloist in their song and a bunch of stage performance videos. Fortunately, they finally made a follow-up video to reveal who the actual singer was. In the second video, one girl named Abbey, who was wearing a shirt with a wolf printed on it and had braids, was revealed to be the actual singer as the comment section erupted once again in awe. 

@lacirhamilton wrote: "It’s right in front of my eyes and I still don’t believe it." @prvse appreciated: "What a powerhouse and she barely has to open her mouth and sings so clearly and amazing." @hqelias commented: "She does it so effortlessly. I would have never guessed it was her." @cesarpalazuelos was suspicious and quipped: "In the other video I think she was lip-synching to her voice, that’s why it didn’t seem right." But the Rocky's Angels addressed the claims and clarified that everything was recorded live and Abbey wasn't lip-syncing. @renrynnn added: "WHAT!!! The fact that the one in front of her was the one I was suspecting. I was so close."

@usfrockysangels Here is the long awaited answer!!! This was our last rehearsal of the season so make sure to check back with the angels around August <3 #acappella #guessthesinger ♬ original sound - Rocky's Angels


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