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Author's Father Turns up at Her Book Launch. The Story Behind His Attire Moved Everyone Present

He has been wearing the same shirt made by her for every significant event as a badge of honor.
Cover Image Source: X/@xanaxcowboy_
Cover Image Source: X/@xanaxcowboy_

As Michael Ratnadeepak puts it- “No one in this world can love a girl more than her father.” The bond between a father and his daughter is very difficult to explain in words and a viral post by Hannah Green (@xanaxcowboy) shows how her dad's simple gesture made her special day even more charming. Having a book published is one of the biggest joys, that a writer can experience in their life. For Hannah, that dream was coming true when her book "Selections from Xanax Cowboy" saw the light of the day in 2023. Her father turned up at the event with a sweet surprise which made the whole event an unforgettable experience for her. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Josh Willink
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Josh Willink

The post is accompanied by a picture of the writer's Dad wearing a lavender-colored shirt. The shirt had on it, written with bold letters, "Hannah's Dad." In the caption she explains, "When I was 12, I made my dad a purple tie-dye shirt and wrote 'HANNAH’S DAD' on the front. It was not a school project. I just wanted everyone to know he was my dad. He wears it to any major event in my life and stole the show at my book launch yesterday." The post soon went viral, with people gushing about how proud the father looked wearing the shirt.


In the comment section, Hannah shared how her father has never missed a single occasion in her life. He showed up to her graduation wearing a coat over the shirt and she is sure that he will definitely arrive at her wedding wearing an attire that includes this shirt. He just loves telling everyone, that he is Hannah's father and the gift which started as a message that the daughter wanted to pass on to everyone became a badge of honor for her father. 



In the comment section, @bowma02 could see the pride brimming on the father's face and wrote, "Do you see how proud he is in his shirt? I love everything about this and congratulations on your book launch!!" @sixth_sister reflected every single person's thoughts and commented, "Omg. This is so wholesome. Protect that man!" @payalclimate was elated for the duo and wrote, "How lovely; and the shirt still fits him. He is glowing - must be so proud of you and so happy."

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As a writer, Hannah Green's work has been featured in The Malahat Review, Arc Poetry Magazine, and Poetry Is Dead, as per Writer's Trust. In 2021, she became the finalist of the RBC Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers. The poetry jury of the competition gave her work a glowing review- " 'XANAX COWBOY’ is a meta poetic romp that chews through the lexicons of pulp, pop, and academia, spitting out pieces that are at once campy, dark, and gnawingly tender. Through roving tours of tone and tactic, encompassing centos, lyrics, movie scenes, thesis statements, emails, confessions, and disclosures, Green knows just when to loosen the slack and when to jerk the line arrestingly taut." For her book, "Xanax Cowboy" she was adjudged the winner of the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award. 

Please follow Hannah Green (@xanaxcowboy) for updates about her writing journey.

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