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Boy Pays Emotional Visit to His Mother's Grave Ahead of Graduation Ceremony After Beating all Odds

The boy had also fought battles of his own due to medical conditions that affected his life ever since he was born.
Cover Image Source: Facebook/NTD Television
Cover Image Source: Facebook/NTD Television

There are some bonds that transcend the limitations of life and death, and a mother's love for her children has the power to inspire them beyond the grave. Paul Jr. proved this with his resilience when he graduated high school, despite all the odds set against him since birth, as reported by KSLA. Before going to celebrate his big day, Paul Jr. made a stop at the grave of his mother, Latonya Marshall, who lost her battle with cancer when Paul was just nine. She was his biggest supporter, and her love still motivates the boy. He wanted to take her blessings on his way to realize his biggest dream. Just before graduation, the boy went through two major surgeries but won the battle with the help of his family.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Emily Ranquist
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Emily Ranquist

The moment Paul's name was announced, inside Haughton High’s football stadium he began dancing. “I’m just happy when they called my name,” said Paul, Jr. “I just made it up,” he explained about his celebratory dance. 

In his interview, Paul shared that he will miss high school as he now plans on attending Bossier Parish Community College. “Paul Jr. was born with one functioning kidney and a defective heart,” his father Paul Sr revealed. He was also diagnosed with Down Syndrome and as his parents looked after him, the boy's infectious energy kept the couple going. “If you’re having a bad day, or going through something, Paul Jr. is the person you want to be around and talk to that day,” stated Paul Sr. The loss of Latonya struck the family hard and the mother was so devoted to her son, that even on her death bed she just wanted to see Paul fulfill his dreams. “God has my mom,” explained Paul Jr. “And my grandmother will take care of my mom.”


The video of Paul visiting her grave was shared by NTD Television. “I did it. I graduated today. I know you’d be proud of me and happy,” he said to his mother. The boy put his hand on the granite marker, to feel his mother's presence. Paul knew that his mother wanted him to achieve everything that he wished for, and must be very happy with his work.

Through resilience and hard work, Paul Jr. achieved his goal of completing high school and his senior year was not easy. At first, his heart started acting up as he needed a new valve that the doctors inserted through a procedure. He was recuperating when another problem cropped up with his kidney. Doctors told Paul's father that his son's only kidney needed to be replaced and the father stepped up to become a donor himself for an 8-hour transplant surgery. The father remains in awe of his son's spirit. “Paul Jr. could be hospitalized for 5 days, and on the 6th day, he’s out and laughing,” shared Paul Sr. His stepmother Lamico also has the same sentiments and seeing her stepson fight everything with a smile has contributed to her spiritual growth.

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