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Elderly Man Joins Jewellery Making Class to Craft a Gift For His Wife. Leaves Everyone in Awe

This man is an example of how one can love their partners unconditionally and even learn new things to make something wholesome for them.
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @passero_jewels
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @passero_jewels

One is never too old to learn something new in life and there is no suitable age to express love and admiration for your partner, through gestures as well as personalized handcrafted gifts. Recently, a Dutch jewelry brand @passero_jewels, shared a shining example of everlasting love backed up by efforts, on their Instagram handle.


They posted a video of an elderly gentleman taking private classes at a workshop to make jewelry as a surprise for his wife. He can be seen paying close attention to an instructor who shows him how to craft his design and mold it into the shape he envisioned. The man carefully works on his design made with silver clay and uses various tools to cut, shape, and attach the jewels to hooks. In the end, the instructor holds up a ring and a pair of earrings for the audience which were made by the gentleman.

Image Source: Instagram | @passero_jewels
Image Source: Instagram | @passero_jewels

The people at Passero have been hosting jewelry-making sessions and courses for people who are interested in the craft. These clay jewelry pieces are special because on the surface they might look like ordinary sculpting clay but they are actually mixed with fine particles of pure silver that give the jewelry a shimmering look. The brand's official website mentions that they also organize private workshops for 2 to 6 people in the Lèffi d'Anvers store that is located in Grand Bazar Antwerp.


The audience on Instagram could not hold back their emotions while watching the elderly gentleman do something so thoughtful and sweet for his beloved wife and they left a lot of comments to praise him. @psychoticsadclown mentioned, "Stop this seems like something my grandpa would do for my grandma. He started taking art classes after she started taking them so they could paint together. Now they do yoga together. I love old couples."

@alonzophilos wrote, "I’m sure his wife earned that and more so much more. They built themselves a life together and that’s not something that will ever just be standard. I think the real problem with modern dating is that everyone wants their partner to be a finished product but no one is willing to put in the time to help each other grow." @mizajyothi commented, "Fact of the matter is barely any men get the idea to do something sweet like this, it is sad. I am staying single for sure and treating myself in this fashion." @jacquelinehambly remarked, "It is really good for older retired people to have hobbies. I've heard so many stories about dementia setting in after people retire because they don't keep their minds busy."

Image Source: Instagram | @passero_jewels
Image Source: Instagram | @passero_jewels

Passero also mentioned that they provide each person with 10 grams of silver clay for the whole session where people can make their own designs. The people taking this workshop are free to make several small pieces of jewelry with the provided clay or one large piece. They also provide hooks, locks, and chains to make earrings or pendants in addition to rings as well as gold paste so that a gold layer can be applied to the silver clay.

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