Grandpa’s YouTube Channel Skyrockets in Popularity After Help from a Popular Instagrammer

Coel Caetano wins hearts by using his reach to promote a channel named 'Grandpa Reads the Comics' and put it on the social media map.

Grandpa’s YouTube Channel Skyrockets in Popularity After Help from a Popular Instagrammer
Image Source: (R) YouTube/ Photo by Grandpa Reads the Comics (L) Instagram/ Photo by @karvetv

Social Media has seen a humongous rise in terms of influence and impact. It is heartening to see social media complete one of its objectives of getting people together to create a community for the purpose of fostering wholesome relationships. Such a warm relationship was witnessed between two individuals recently, as reported by Good Morning America. Instagrammer Cole Caetano enjoys a huge following on social media and used it to garner subscribers for a channel titled "Grandpa Reads the Comics".


The channel "Grandpa Reads the Comics" was created by Craig Hansen during the pandemic. This was done because he missed reading comics to his grandchildren during dinner, and in order to get back those moments, created this channel. On the channel, he reads comics and, at the end, would leave with a positive message. There are also other goofy videos featuring him and his wife dancing. The wholesomeness is something that everyone needs right now, especially when people are slowly going back to the real world and are overwhelmed.

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Seeing that he was not getting many views, Hansen decided to put a stop to his posting but kept the channel up. Cole Caetano stumbled upon the channel and decided to promote it on social media. He posted a video to his 146k followers that featured Hansen playing the piano, dancing, and making a smoothie. Then, in captions, the Instagrammer described how Hansen made positive videos but, due to a lack of interest, had stopped publishing content. He then requested that followers give Grandpa some support so he could come back to the platform. The screenshot in the video showed the channel having only 222 subscribers.


The post went viral, garnering almost 1.8 million likes and more than 6 thousand comments. There were exciting comments from various subscribers about having subscribed, with many updating the count. In a matter of two days, the channels garnered almost 180,000 followers. Hansen was touched by the entire situation, as many followers went to his last uploaded video in September 2021, which had him reading the "Dennis the Menace" comic strip along with positive affirmations, with encouragement and appreciation. Almost 2,600 people commented on the video, requesting Grandpa's return.


The Youtuber, seeing all this love, decided to make a comeback through a YouTube short. In the short, he expressed how overwhelmed he was with the appreciation and welcomed all his new friends. He pledged to try to put up new content every day. He also collaborated with Cole Caetano when he hit 100k subscribers. He was emotional with everything that had happened and even went on to say that if there was a Mt. Rushmore of people that had helped him in his life, Caetano would definitely be one of them.

Caetano is happy with whatever has happened and wants to encourage more people on the Internet to spread happiness on the Internet so that people know that there is good out there in the world. Even in the past, he has helped shed light on little-known streamers. Grandpa wants to use his channel to encourage people to think more positively about themselves. He has now reached 484k subscribers on the channel.