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Heartwarming moment when a couple who eloped 60 years back renewed vows in presence of their kids

Gary and Linda got married in Reno, Nevada back in 1964 and to celebrate their 60th anniversary, they renewed their vows.
Cover Image Source: YouTube | 6 News WOWT
Cover Image Source: YouTube | 6 News WOWT

Society isn't always welcoming towards couples from different backgrounds or those who don't comply with norms, which is why many of them elope in order to be together. Gary and Linda Manna from Nebraska had eloped to exchange vows in Reno, Nevada back in 1964 and after 60 years of togetherness, they finally decided to tie the knot once again in front of their family and friends, per 6 News WOWT.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

“I wanted her to have a wedding," Gary said, after he saw Linda walk down the aisle escorted by her daughters and sons. The couple's oldest son Mike became the wedding officiant for the ceremony as well and said, “The main thing was to honor them. 60 years. There are not that many couples that have stayed together for 60 years. They were a great example to us, my brothers and sisters."


6 News WOWT captured the couple sharing a beautiful moment at the ceremony where they held hands and danced while still being bound to their wheelchairs. They shared a kiss in front of their five children and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. For the Manna family, it was an unforgettable event because Gary and Linda repeating their vows became a family event to bring them all together under the same roof. A charity organization named Dreamweaver Foundation which grants wishes to elderly folks with "life-limiting" illnesses, made the event possible. “We also know and believe that we’ll be with family,” Linda told 6 News, adding that forgiveness, faith, and music are responsible for keeping their marriage strong for six decades and counting.

Among the younger generation, adventurous couples used the total solar eclipse in April 2024 to elope and have a once-in-a-lifetime wedding. An event called Elope at the Eclipse was organized for couples who were looking for an interesting venue to get married and the location was Destination Seneca County in Ohio.

Couples were able to elope and get married at Frost Kalnow Amphitheater where a wedding officiant was present along with live music, cakes, and photographers to take pictures of the newlyweds. "The event is free with the exception of the cost of a marriage license ($70)," the description on the website reads. "You must bring a valid marriage license to the event. If you're looking to reaffirm your commitment, you do not need to bring any documentation. Guests are free and encouraged to attend." The website also mentioned that at least one person getting married must live in the state of Ohio.


"It'll go dark for about three-plus minutes, and then it'll light back up and you'll be a married couple and on your way and maybe onto a honeymoon after," Bryce Riggs, the executive director of Destination Seneca County, told WTOL 11. A local couple Jenny Harris and Bart Lombardy who got hitched during the event told the news outlet that after being engaged for two years — and together for almost a decade — they planned to tie the knot during the eclipse. Harris added that every time they've tried to plan a wedding, the logistics got too complicated and eloping looked like the best solution for them.


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