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Here's how a 9-year-old showed extraordinary courage to save his parents during a tornado

The 9-year-old boy ventured independently on the road to get help for trapped parents despite the terrifying storm.
UPDATED JUN 14, 2024
Cover Image Source: YouTube/Good Morning America
Cover Image Source: YouTube/Good Morning America

Tornadoes are among some of the most terrifying natural phenomena that are known to wreak havoc within a short time and are common in parts of the US. Recently, a tornado hit Oklahoma leaving a huge trail of destruction with five deaths including that of an infant, as per Good Morning America. During the devastation, the Baker family found themselves vulnerable when their vehicle got stuck under a tree. But they survived when their 9-year-old used his presence of mind to get them out of the situation, as reported by ABC News.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | 
Suparerg Suksai
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Suparerg Suksai

Wayne and Lindy Baker along with their son, were on the way to a friend's storm cellar to escape the fury of the storm. "We could pretty much see this tornado within about a mile and two miles away from us," Wayne Baker told ABC News. "But as we turned, the tornado turned itself." The tornado uprooted a tree that directly fell on their car, trapping the Baker family inside the vehicle. But their son Branson managed to escape and ran out to get help.


The boy ran for almost a mile to get help for his parents. "Branson sprung into action really quick," Wayne Baker said. "He's very courageous for a 9-year-old boy. Not many adults would have done what he did." As the couple were travelling they were on the phone with Wayne Baker's brother Johnny Baker. As soon as the car collided the call got disconnected. "About that time, you start hearing some dinging on the glass, like, maybe hail, and then boom. And the phone went silent," Johnny Baker recalled. He figured out that his brother was in trouble and reached the scene with his wife. Seeing the situation, the couple called 911 and first responders soon arrived. Branson also followed them with help. “The only way he found his way back was with lightning strikes that lit the road. He ran as fast as he could, as hard as he could, he made a mile in 10 minutes. That’s pretty impressive for a little kid,” Johnny Baker, told CBS News.


The accident was not easy on the couple as Wayne suffered blows to the back, neck, and arm while Lindy needed medical attention for her broken jaw as well as a punctured lung, as per NY Post. Wayne was filled with gratitude and admiration towards his son. "You couldn't be more proud to be a father of a son that can accept a challenge that way," Wayne Baker said. "Shows that he would go above and beyond for anyone." Following his courageous actions, the couple encouraged Branson to attend a fundraiser baseball game where along with a home run, he also scored a double run days after running for miles to protect his parents. His teammates had “Bakers Battle” stickers on their helmets for the duration of their game to motivate Branson and laud his bravery.

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