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Here's How a Baker Who Lost the Diamond on Her Ring in Cookie Dough is Trying to Get it Back

The woman was so engrossed in her work that she lost her diamond in the dough that she had prepared for cookies, and requested customers to return it.
Cover Image Source: Facebook/Sis' Sweets Cookies and Cafe
Cover Image Source: Facebook/Sis' Sweets Cookies and Cafe

Several parts of baking such as kneading the dough with one's bare hands can get messy, which is why a lot of people prefer to remove rings, bracelets, or watches while doing so. On the other hand, Kansas-based baker Dawn "Sis" Monroe has been happily married for the last four decades and adores her wedding ring so much that she never takes it off in any situation. But this habit proved to be costly, as she lost her big diamond in the dough while baking cookies in her kitchen, as reported by KMBC. Monroe is the owner of Sis’ Sweets Cookies & Café and personally whips up her recipes. The ring that she has lost holds immense personal value for her, and therefore she used her bakery's social media profile to ask customers to return her diamond if they bite on it in their cookies.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Igor Ovsyannykov
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Igor Ovsyannykov

According to Monroe's estimate the diamond costs more than $4,000. About losing it, she said, "I looked down at my hand, and the center diamond is gone." Never has something like this ever transpired at the bakery as employees are very careful that the preparation is hygienic and the taste is up to the standards.


After failing to find the ring the woman broke down in front of her husband. "I was crying, and all he could say was, 'You still have me,' so that made it all better," Monroe said. Monroe believes that she lost the diamond on April 5, while rolling the dough to prepare the cookies. She believes the diamond is either in the chocolate chip, sugar, or peanut butter cookies. The owner decided to go public on social media platforms, not just to recover her diamond, but also because she wanted her customers to be safe. Even though the woman is still optimistic about getting the rock back she has made amends with the possibility that she might never lay her eyes on it. In which case, she would replace the diamond in the ring, as the jewelry is too precious for her to remove.


Her social media post read- "My diamond is missing. It does not require of me to wear gloves when I bake. My heart is beyond broken. It’s been on my hand for 36 years. If you happened to find it, I would forever be in debt if you would return it. It’s a marquis cut. I’m sorry if you find it but I don’t take my ring off for anything." The post was accompanied by an image of the ring.

Later on, she issued various clarifications about how she hasn't found the ring while highlighting the fact that her business complies with all the rules when it comes to handling ingredients. Despite some negative attention, the woman is happy the news is out there since it has allowed her to be honest with her customers while doing everything she can to get the ring back. "I would definitely make it worth your while bringing it back," Monroe added.

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