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Hilarious Reason Why Prankster Dad Started Photoshopping His Kids in Dangerous Situations

The dad has the power of Photoshop on his side which he puts to good use and pranks his girlfriend with edited images of his kids in dangerous situations.
Cover Image Source: Facebook | On Adventure With Dad
Cover Image Source: Facebook | On Adventure With Dad

The relationship a father has with his children is different from the bond they share with their mother, and while men are perceived as protective or strict with children, the truth is that they can be goofy and even childish around kids. Since mothers like any other parent tend to check on children while they are away, some fathers turn to humor and sarcasm while reassuring their partners.


One such man is Kenny Deuss, who is showing the world how he manages to elevate her girlfriend Tineke Vanobbergen's blood pressure by sending her edited images of their kids in dangerous situations, whenever she inquires if they are doing okay or not. Deuss starts editing the pictures of his daughters in bizarre situations and also posts his Photoshop shenanigans with his daughters Alix and Aster on his Instagram @onadventurewithdad


The 35-year-old dad has put the pictures of his young daughters in various situations such as them hanging off a cliff, drinking beer, and even using a power drill. According to Daily Mail, Deuss started pranking his girlfriend after she went back to work after her maternity leave. Since she kept asking for pictures of Alix throughout the day to ensure if she was okay or not, Deuss came up with his master plan. Sometimes he sent her pictures of their baby wielding a skewer and whipping up a blazing barbecue or images of Alix jokingly putting her little sister up for sale.


Deuss edits himself into the pictures as well and in one image he can be seen slipping on wet floors sending his baby daughter flying up in the air. "I started sharing a couple of the pictures I had done of my friends and family on my Instagram and they thought it was funny so I decided to start a separate Instagram account dedicated to those pictures," Deuss told Daily Mail, adding how he did not expect his social media following to grow as rapidly as it did.


However, his funny pictures and videos on the internet get criticism from skeptical strangers pretty often. Some assume that Deuss is deliberately putting his kids in dangerous situations for the sake of clout and viewership whereas others refuse to believe he has used Photoshop to edit some of those images. Deuss spoke to Yahoo News and clarified that his daughters are never in any kind of real danger and assured his viewers that he only created the images to tease his girlfriend. 


"Every Tuesday my girlfriend asks me to send a photo to see if our daughter is ok. That's when I decided to do something funny with it," Deuss, who is a sound and light engineer, told the outlet. "I try to make most photos as realistic as possible to scare her a bit. But she quickly realizes it's fake. And she knows me, so she would kind of expect something like this. Sometimes it takes a while. But the shock effect people have at first is what makes them more special."


Deuss had started staging those fake photos when his daughter Alix was 3 months old. The tradition of pranking their mom with edited pictures continued even after Alix's younger sister Aster was born. "She is a very positive-minded child and is always smiling, sometimes she doesn't get why we are taking photos but she loves it," he added. "Although sometimes it's not easy to get the image we were hoping for. But this makes it a fun challenge."

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