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Meet the Cat who has Become the Star Attraction at an Airbnb For His Skills in Guiding Tourists

The cat called Cinnamon steals the hearts of every visitor that enters the premises and accompanies them on their trail making their visit an experience of a lifetime.
Cover Image Source: X/@ATinyGreenCell
Cover Image Source: X/@ATinyGreenCell

From spectacular views to good food and welcoming hosts, there are several factors that play a major role when people are looking for an Airbnb. Foxglove Farm is a vacation rental, that offers something special beyond all the amenities and adventures on offer. The star that steals the show at this Airbnb is the beloved cat Cinamon. There are many reviews on Airbnb that highlight how the cat made their stay better, and recently, he was showered with more attention after Sebastian.S.Cocioba (@ATinyGreenCell) mentioned him. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

Throughout his stay at the rental with his partner, the user had the company of this orange cat, who also accompanied them on their trail. In the caption he wrote, "Went with my partner upstate and the Airbnb host's cat took us for a guided hike along the Appalachian Trail. Apparently, this is what she does with every guest." The reviews on the site find the assertion to be true. "We had a wonderful time. We were able to hike on the AT right from the property. Everything was lovely and ready right when we arrived. Cinnamon, the cat, greeted us and was a perfect host throughout our stay," shared a user K.A. Sebastian further continued, "She would complain when we took a wrong turn off the trail and knew the way back. Amazing cat. Would apocalypse with." The cat has been around for so long that he knows every nook and corner of the trail better than any guide or instructor.  The man found the cat's expertise so amazing, that he is willing to count on him during the apocalypse. 


In an interview with Backpacker, Trisha Mulligan, the owner of the Airbnb and Cinnamon shared her feelings about the whole thing. “I call him the concierge, because he just loves people,” Mulligan says. “You know, each color, they have different personalities. And there’s something about an orange cat that’s very social, and we have a very social cat.” The cat really gets comfortable with tourists and helps them get familiar with the place. Though, in doing so he never steps out of his way and also takes his time with the trail as he likes to explore everything every single time. This is something Mulligan wants to specially mention as many tourists come requesting a walk with Cinnamon. “I tell people, he’s gonna slow you down because he’s gotta look at stuff and he’s gotta pose,” Mulligan says. “I’ve had people that are hiking that really do slow down and be with him, which is kind of my thing,” he adds further.


Many tourists have become huge fans of the cat, visiting repeatedly for his company. “There’s this one guy, this Russian guy who comes back regularly. He never leaves reviews, but he always sends me pictures—he’s a photographer—and he books because he wants to be with Cinamen and he wants to do the trail with Cinamen,” Mulligan shared “I’ve had other people say, ‘Oh my God, we were hiking and lost, but Cinamen wouldn’t let us get lost.’"

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