New York Couple’s Wedding Ceremony Is Blessed With a Special 'Llama Groomsman'

Adorable Llama named J became the centre of attention at Adam and Tara's wedding as he was the groomsman.

New York Couple’s Wedding Ceremony Is Blessed With a Special 'Llama Groomsman'
Cover Image Source: Facebook/ Photo by Maison Albion

A wedding happens once in a lifetime, and therefore people attempt to try everything to make the event special. Many people, being animal lovers, want to incorporate their pets into the wedding. The most popular members of the wedding party, as far as animals are concerned, are cats and dogs. But one couple was unique in their selection, as they had a Llama as their groomsman, as per People. This Llama was dressed to the T as he hoofed down the aisle for the New York couple.


This was arranged by Llama Adventures at Buffalo Creek Llamas, at the request of the bride's mother. She did this in honor of her daughter's love of animals. She knew that her daughter would love the sight of a Llama as a part of her special day. The bride wishes to have a Llama as a pet in the future. Therefore her family thought that it would be a cute surprise for the couple to have a Llama groomsman.

The bride's mother and the Llama's adventures zeroed in on J, who is a wooly and well-mannered Llama. The Llama became the star of the wedding. The guests were posing with him, who was donning a dapper tuxedo along with a pink-striped bow tie and white gloves. The costume was designed in such a way that it seemed as if he was standing on his own two feet like all other typical wedding guests.

The Facebook post by Llama Adventures at Buffalo Creek Llamas was captioned: "Thank you Adam and Tara for allowing J to be part of your big day. Congratulations on your nuptials! 🥂🦙" Initially it was not decided whether the Llama would be present at the ceremony but seeing the adorable J, the couple made the decision to make him stand with them during the ceremony.

The details regarding the ceremony were also shared by Maison Albion, the mansion where the couple had their wedding ceremony. There were a series of photos with Llama all dressed up, one of which captured the Bride's reactions to his arrival. The caption to the post was "Welcome to Maison Albion, where weddings are llama-zing!" with the hashtag #LlamasInTuxedos.

The official website of Llama Adventures at Buffalo Creek Llamas states that the organization offers appearances by animals that can aid in spicing up a variety of events like weddings, parties, parades, business promotions, Christmas photo sessions, and more. Apart from events it also offers services to Nature lovers who can take Llamas to enjoy a scenic hike enjoying the woodlands of Wyoming County.

The popularity of the organization is not shocking as a 2022 poll exposed that two-thirds of pet owners would want to have their animals in their special events like weddings. Prior to the New York couple, exotic animal veterinarians Ericka and Jay Johnson had a Sulcata tortoise at their wedding as they met 20 years ago while doing a wild tortoise survey.