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The internet is divided after women responded to the viral question about trusting a bear or a man

Women's responses to the 'Bear or Man' question have generated a lot of divided reactions on the internet with some being bewildering and violent.
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@callmebkbk
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@callmebkbk

"Man or Bear?" This is the single question that has triggered a social media debate about the safety of women. Across different platforms, women are being asked whether they'd prefer to be in the company of a man or a bear in a forest. Surprisingly a large number of women chose bears as their companions, as part of the discussion that was sparked off by anti-misogyny educational content creator @callmebkbk. He created this analogy in order to explain to other men, the fear that women experience on a daily basis. He called the trend "Grizzly Grizzly," and posted a series of videos to explain the nuances of this question. He was bombarded with criticism from users who were shaken when women picked bears over men. 

Image Source: TikTok/@callmebkbk
Image Source: TikTok/@callmebkbk

In one of his viral videos, the TikToker answered a comment that expressed disbelief at the choice women were making. He said that the reason women are taking this route is because almost all of them are aware of the hell men are capable of putting them through.

The creator emphasizes that women are encouraged to "fight with everything they have" if they are being pushed into a van. This is because whatever blow or injuries they might suffer on the road would be better than what could happen in the van. Women are also taught to utilize nails in their fight so that there is DNA evidence of the ordeal. The reason is that without proof they wouldn't be believed. For men, it is "debatable" if there is anything worse than death but for women. But being put into such a vulnerable situation is worse than death, and hence they choose the bears.


Screenshot (@screenshothq) went on the streets to ask women this question. Out of eight women, seven answered that they would rather be with a bear, the common reason being men are scary. One of them picked a bear because they were more certain that the beast wouldn't attack them unless provoked but did trust men to stay away. The response from many men has been filled with violent imagery. One X post has a picture of a bear chasing down women with the overlay text "When Women get what they say they want." These reactions have further emboldened women to justify their rejection of men in isolated situations. @TheOluwabukunmi shares how the reaction by men at their choice proves that the fear harbored by women is correct. They said, "This bear and man conversation is actually insane. Even in a hypothetical situation, men can’t still accept no. Do you know how insane that is???"

The creator who claims to have started the trend cited a study to showcase the violent behavioral tendencies men harbor towards women that make the latter feel unsafe. In the video, the creator shares how the study revealed that 32% of the participants would rape if they knew they could get away with it. That is their primal instinct and it is just the fear of the law that keeps them at bay. It's hard to tell how much someone might fear the law in an isolated forest.

@callmebkbk Replying to @user2828263738 ♬ original sound - call me bk


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