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Woman Accidentally Ends up on a Ferry While Trying to Cross a Bridge on Her Way to Work

She has no idea how she ended up boarding a ferry while driving to her workplace and the video has netizens confused as well.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | sophmontague
Cover Image Source: TikTok | sophmontague

Not all of us are great at navigation, especially on traffic-heavy streets and there are times when everything goes south and our preplanned day goes haywire from the beginning. One such TikTok user and radio presenter, Sophie Montague, faced a weird situation on her morning commute to work and it got the internet baffled as well. It was just another day for Sophie as she tried to reach her workplace at Made in Kent radio on time but somehow she ended up on a ferry while still in her car.

She usually takes the tube to her work but that day, Sophie had decided to drive all the way instead. Everything was going smoothly for her until she reached the River Thames and had to cross the bridge. Sophie thought she was continuing on just another road as she followed the cars in front of her but soon realized that she is actually onboard a ferry. Montague could do nothing else in her situation except fish out her phone to record the bizarre start to her day and share it with TikTok.

Image Source: TikTok/sophmontague
Image Source: TikTok | sophmontague

She made sure to document her entire experience and said, “I have actually ended up on a ferry. I'm just trying to commute - I'm just trying to commute to work. I thought it was a road and I'm on a freaking ferry." Sophie turned her camera around to show her surroundings and netizens couldn't help but agree that the view in front of her resembles a normal highway with several vehicles.

However, the masthead of the boat around what she thought was a road gives a clear indication that Sophie had indeed boarded a ferry accidentally. Soon enough Sophie discovered that she is actually on a free vessel called Woolwich Ferry which transports the passengers from Woolwich on the south bank to North Woolwich on the north bank which is across the Thames.

"I genuinely thought I was like, going into a tunnel. I wasn't, I was going on a ferry. It started spinning to turn, so everything was spinning around me, I thought 'oh my God, am I drunk?'" she said in another TikTok video. "That was a very, very dramatic and traumatic commute to work this morning I'll have you know," she added. Fortunately, Sophie did not end up on the other side of the world. Invested social media users were relieved to know that she finally made it to her workplace at the radio station and that the accidental detour did not wholly ruin her day after all.

Sophie’s original unplanned ferry ride video has garnered over 1.3 million views and countless comments and she has also posted two more update videos after the incident. TikTok user @shaunaprocter0 wondered how is Sophie going to make people believe in this story and wrote, “How would you explain that to the boss? Mine would definitely think I am lying.”

Image Source: TikTok/shaunaprocter0
Image Source: TikTok | shaunaprocter0

@shannondobell shares a similar experience: "If this is the Woolwich ferry, I did the exact same thing and I cried because I thought we were going to end up in France." @mybella89 wrote: "Yes I have done this!! It was a scary experience, traumatizing me for the entire morning." 

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