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Hospital Charges Woman a Shocking $1.5 Million After She Gave Birth to Triplets

This new mom couldn't believe the staggering bill she was required to pay which didn't even include the bill for her 11-day hospital stay.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @the_brown_triplets
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @the_brown_triplets

As if childbirth is not already stressful for mothers, a towering hospital bill like this is bound to induce more stress. With changes in a country's economy, childbirths at hospitals can be quite expensive, especially in the United States. A viral video of a woman on Tiktok addressing this issue has managed to raise the eyebrows of countless people on the internet. Tiktok user @the_brown_triplets is exposing the hospital for charging them an insane amount of money and showing the world how expensive it is to have triplets in a hospital without medical insurance in America.

Image Source: TikTok | @the_brown_triplets
Image Source: TikTok | @the_brown_triplets

According to research published by the Kaiser Family Foundation in 2022, it costs about $20,000 to have a child in the country. The cost of childbirth in the US is more than in any other nation in the world. But the hospital bill of the Brown family exceeds that sum by an enormous margin.

In the video, Krysten Brown tells the audience that one of her babies, James, was required to be placed in the NICU for 31 days and the hospital ended up charging them $447,037. Also, when Polly—their second baby—was placed in the NICU for 32 days, they were charged to pay a bill of $524,785. Moreover, when the third baby, Baskyn, was placed in NICU care for 35 days, the hospital charged them $481,261 for the exact same care. The total amount of their bill was an astounding $1.5 million.

"This doesn't even begin to cover my 11-day hospital stay before the babies were born," Krysten added at the end of the video. The TikTok crowd was absolutely stunned and furious as they expressed their displeasure with the health care system of their country. Several people shared their similar experiences after giving birth and how they were handed an outrageous bill as well.

TikTok user @danicaerdman755 wrote: "Sounds about right. Our insurance was billed $1.6M for my twins being in the NICU for 60 days." Another user, @WiscoCorgiMom shared their shocking experience as well and wrote: "My son was in the NICU for 121 days and had an ambulance ride to a bigger hospital. His total was something like $1.75-2M."

Some other Tiktok users are "baffled that the American Healthcare system actually expects an individual to pay this amount out of their pockets." TikTok user @addyaisho wrote: "Imagine going to the hospital and wanting to have your kid and they put you in debt for the rest of your life." So far, the video has stacked up over 3 million views and over 604k likes.

Hospital bills are skyrocketing in America lately. According to a 2018 Pew Research Center study, 83% of Americans, regardless of wealth, believe that high-quality medical care has become extremely expensive in the United States. As a result, 41% of Americans are struggling to pay their medical bills and have fallen into debt as well.

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