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Woman Claimed That Her Dog Had Turned Vegetarian. Here's How The Pet Left Her Embarrassed

The owner of a husky had decided to put the dog on a meat-free diet but turns out the dog was not enjoying the vegan life.
Cover Image Source: YouTube | This Morning
Cover Image Source: YouTube | This Morning

Being a pet parent isn't child's play since one needs to be very particular about everything from the right diet to regular checkups and grooming of canines and cats alike. Although dogs are commonly known to prefer meat, Lucy Carrington had decided to put her husky Storm on a strict meat-free diet for the summer when her furry companion started to eat less than usual. Carrington believed that her pet wanted to be vegetarian and she started feeding Storm all meat-free dog food options as well as leftover veggies from her own meals. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Albina ChamonixDeus
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Albina ChamonixDeus

Carrington and Storm even appeared in one of the episodes of This Morning where the hosts and the guests debated whether or not our pet canines should become vegetarians. They also discussed whether making our pets go vegetarian is bad for their health or not. Vet Scott Miller was also present on the show to answer some burning questions from pet owners. While appearing on the show, Storm was given two bowls of meals, with one consisting of carrots and peas while the other one had meat in it. 

When it was Storm's chance to choose between her meals, she shocked the audience and her owner by heading straight for the meat bowl and ignoring the vegetarian option. Just before Storm made her choice, Miller remarked that the "diet change was denying the dog choice." "You say dogs can’t make the choice, but on this program, they can make the choice," host Eamonn Holmes replied. "Oh, you little. I didn’t swear. In fairness, the weather has cooled down quite dramatically," Carrington said as she looked a bit embarrassed while watching Storm clean up the meat bowl.


"During the summer months, she just went off her food, strangely. I’m certainly not one of those, I’m not vegetarian and I’m not a vegan, far from it, though I’ve reduced my meat consumption," Carrington added. Along with the YouTube audience, a bunch of X users who saw the episode also left some comments on that particular episode, accusing Carrington of 'animal cruelty' as well. @GarethDavis2 wrote, "Storm the 'vegetarian' Dog on @thismorning, the canine equivalent of Pam-lar from Gavin & Stacey, straight to the meat!" @dianebaker01 commented, "That poor dog Storm loves the meat and the owner just feeds him a veggie diet but unfair on the dog I think." @jo_simcock added, "I am roaring at Storm the vegetarian dog eating all the meat." 

In general, dogs are omnivores and they are happy to munch on any food items that feel good on their taste buds. According to My Pet Nutritionist, dogs are best described as scavenger carnivores. According to a study conducted in 2013, and funded by a large pet food company, dogs are omnivores because they can eat plant matter. However, they did not mention that dogs can survive on predominantly plant-based diets even if they don't necessarily thrive on them. Hence it is always suggested to feed dogs a fresh, well-balanced diet with meat to benefit their health and longevity, as well as mental wellbeing.


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